Monday, January 01, 2007

Year in Review

Due to the fact that my knitting is a little boring right now (I'm almost to the point where I'll post some progress) and the fact that I'm freakin' 35 today!!! Urgh, I thought I'd do this meme I found on another blog site.

Instructions: Copy the first sentence that you posted in each month of 2006.

A summary for folks who think this is way too boring or long -
I'm terribly optimistic about knitting (I was about making pottery too); My lace/eyelet scarf will never get done and I did nothing in April :)

No blog yet

The body of my felted bag is almost complete!

Okay, after figuring out the P2tog tbl thing and realizing from my stitch and bitch group that I was reading (and knitting) the purl rows the wrong way(!!!), the lace is coming along slowly.

April -
Wow - it’s been a really long time since I’ve written anything.

May -
My lace/eyelet scarf is coming along - only 200 rows to go.

June -
And I'm almost done with the other one too (only the toe to go!) (First pair of socks)

July -
knitting news: for some reason i counted incorrectly on my baby sweater and had to pull out several rows last night.

i’m almost finished with the baby cardi from knitting pure & simple.

September -
The ISE scarf is complete!

October -
Due to various reasons that are posted on the ISE site (other than the fact that I am a perfectionist :), I've started on a new scarf for my pal.


I'm optimistic I can complete the cardi it the next week or so.


I searched all day and still no yarn store sighting! (Prague trip)

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Elizabeth said...

I love this summary! A great idea. I'll have to try it on my blog (which went into hibernation, but since it's now in California can probably start acting like it's spring)