Thursday, May 31, 2007

you know your burnt out when...

1 - you drink coffee and knit until 8:30am knowing you have to be at work at 9am. at 8:30 you rush frantically to take a shower and get in on time.
2 - you take 2 hour lunches every day thinking 'no one will notice'
3 - you continually make lists at work never crossing anything out
4 - you find yourself staring at the walls in your office
5 - you open up 20 mozilla tabs and think 'i'll organize my bookmarks today!'
6 - you clean up your inbox which has ~3000 emails
7 - you constantly talk with your female 30-something, career focused friends about how life as a homemaker would be grand
8 - you sit in meetings and give administration looks like they're the stupidest people alive
9 - you leave at 4:00p every thursday and friday
10 - you call in sick at least 1 day a week

can you tell i'm burned out with my job?! my friend lisa describes some of this angst as perfectionism. i am in her boat. i am a total perfectionist. despite this, i am beginning to see a real shift in women my age. i've talked to at least 3 women at work who,have careers and master's degrees and who want to stay at home and manage the house. my hubby's job offer for a director of domestic operations is looking better every day!

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Brandy said...

I'm totally with you on the homemaker thing... after being bread winner in the house for 2 years and looking for another year coming up, I'm more than ready to trade it in... and I'm not even 30 something yet!
Give your kitty kisses for me! What a cutie.
And come enter my blog contest! only 19 entries so far... The link is top right.