Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Farmland Vegetable Pie

This pie took us close to 2 hours to make (and on a school night too!), but was well worth it! We drank wine, chatted, chopped vegetables - lots of veg - and kneaded bread. We ended up with this gorgeous pie:

The process:


Celestial said...

Mmh, looks good!

Anne said...

OK, remember at the Yarn Lounge when you looked me in the eye and said "Seriously, you HAVE to finish that scarf?"

Well my turn... as an anti-veggie girl, SERIOULY. You have to post another blog. That pie is making me sick! :) Hee hee ... I do appreciate all the work, though, and I'm SURE it was DELICIOUS!

(Please don't hate me Ben!)