Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Le Poulet (and some knitting)

The hubby is enrolled in cooking courses to earn his certificate in culinary arts. What a great thing for me! In the first class, he learned to debone a chicken, make chicken stock from the carcass and make pan seared chicken breast with homemade pan sauce! Yum, you say? Yes, well check out the these thighs and stock:

In knitting news, this is a sweater I finished in March - Very comfy!

Pattern: Yarn Girls' Guide to Simple Knits Sweatshirt
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay
Alterations: Left off the hood

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sewing: part trois

I'm diggin' my new camera. I need to talk to the Blogger folks about getting a faster upload though. They really need a drag and drop feature like Flickr. Maybe there's something that I'm not aware of?

Anne, Kristen and I are in the craziest sewing class! Tonight was our 3rd session and it was insane. We're making the following pattern, which states that it is tres facile, which I'm finding more difficult to believe with each passing week. Who knew that sewing was this hard!?

I think I'll stick to knitting and keep my sewing to pillows and curtains. Despite my stress with sewing, I have been having a wonderful time meeting the girls for dinner each week at European Market before the class. Leslie was able to join us tonight! Leslie, we miss you in the class! We enjoyed some wonderful soups - Anne ordered gazpacho and Kristen and I chowed down on shrimp and tomato soup. Leslie ordered a chicken salad sammie which looked quite yummy. I ended my meal with a homemade raisin cookie, which was delicious. Really - if it weren't for our European Market trips, I would lose my mind in this class. Thanks gals!

Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm back!

If there are any readers left for this sad, abandoned blog! I've been absent for a while as I was waiting to buy a new camera. While I was looking at the Canon Powershots, the hubby went and bought me a brand new camera for mother's day! (Glad I didn't buy one too!). I love it - it's fun, and really easy to use. So, I'm back in the blogging/picture game. I have so much knitting to show off!