Wednesday, March 11, 2009

almost finished and halfway there...

The spring surprise baby sweater is almost finished...The pattern is Henry's Manly Cobbleston Inspired Baby Vest by Nikol Lohr [ravel it] It is a really well written pattern, and free too! Once I have buttons, I'll post the finished product. I absolutely love this sweater and can't wait to gift it!

This sweater is my labor of love, but I'm almost there. I purchased this gorgeous yarn at Rhinebeck (Briar Rose) and have struggled to whip it into something. There's nothing wrong with the yarn. It's Briar Rose Fourth of July - it's soft, squishy and the colorway (rose, soft orange and olives) is truly amazing. The problem that I've had is that to make a chunky sweater, I need to double the yarn. Doubling yarn with size 11 needles and my small hands hasn't been completely satisfying. After ripping out the first sweater I attempted last fall, I am now on my way with Emerald by Amy Swenson [ravel it]. This pattern is so interesting and really well written (it's also free on If you decide to make it, pay attention while you're doing the waist and neck decreases as you'll be making them at the same time :)

Happy Thursday!

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Celestial said...

Excited to see how the sweater turns out. At first your comment about waist and neck decreases at the same time confused me. So I checked out the pattern. Should be super cute!