Thursday, May 13, 2010


So I'm not very good at updating the old blog anymore. I have so much to show too! I just finished Icarus, which definitely a growing experience. I calculated (and my math could be wrong) over 60K stitches - that's one crazy shawl. Once I get some good shots of it over the weekend, I'll post photos. I'm now working on Wandering the Moor, which is a really beautiful shawl - I'm knitting up the stockinette portion now, but hope to be into the lace section soon.

On the reading front, I'm cruising along on my 52 books in 52 weeks goal. As of April/mid-May, I've read 22 books for the year. Here are the latest reads:

agatha christie - appointment with death
rennie airth - river of darkness
maj sjowall and per wahloo - rosanna
maj sjowall and per wahloo - the man who went up in smoke
maj sjowall and per wahloo - the man on the balcony
garth stein - the art of racing in the rain

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Celestial said...

(giggle) you're knitting my pattern :) Can't wait to see it