Friday, September 01, 2006

knit night

i'm a little behind in posting, but knit night this past tuesday was packed! my friend ann came - i haven't seen her in months. it was so much fun to catch up. plus, she always brings wine :) needless to say, i didn't get much knitting done, but bought some more ggh!! i love this stuff and it was 50% off! you can't beat that. i also bought some beautiful cascade that i'm going to make into a hat for my counsin's daughter phoebe (see nashville below).

wednesday was fun too. sangeeta and i were planning to go to the chesterfield county fair, but we were rained out. instead, we went to her new house to put up some paint swatches - my favorite thing next to knitting is picking out paint swatches! my husband always laughs because at any given time, i'll have small pieces of the wall painted in various colors.

i can't believe it's september already. i'm so excited for fall - ernesto dumped about 6 inches of rain over the past several hours, which has cooled us down quite a bit. fall always makes me happy - i always plan tons of trips. i'm going to the fall fiber festival this year for the first time. i'm also taking a class in intarsia in september at got yarn and going to the apple harvest festival in october. then there's the festival of india which will no doubt be fantastic. november is ben's birthday month, so we'll head to douthat state park (a rare find if you ask me!) and hike, knit, fish and relax.

okay - i'm off to watch poirot mysteries (my other favorite hobby). a rainy night is the absolute best time to watch these. i always feel like i'm in the UK

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