Monday, September 04, 2006

labor day knitting

the holiday weekend has flown by. saturday, i drove to the yarn lounge and knitted for a bit with sangeeta, cate, melanie, roz and chesley. cate's blog has a good post of all the food we ate!

sunday, i walked down to the carytown books knitting group. i used to go quite a bit, but haven't been in months due to all the travelling ben and i have been doing. it just so happens that i returned on a day when rick was cooking hotdogs and hamburgers. it was a great party - pasta salad, brownies and knitting. i also caught up with jill, rick, rosie, becky, ann and natalie. rosie has a new a new puppy too - isn't he cute!?

in between gorging myself on brownies, i did finish the socks i have been working on. they are made with Schachenmayr Nomotta crazy cotton that i bought from cate at the yarn swap. they're so soft and although one is a bit shorter than the other (whoops!), i really like them.

other knitting projects this weekend included a hat for my counsin's children, made with classic elite desert - northern lights - that i bought form the yarn lounge at knit night. and, i blocked the baby sweater i finished a few weeks ago - after washing, it is so soft and snuggly!

tomorrow night, i'll head to southside for knitting at b&n. i'm hoping to start on some wrist warmers for myself made from the misty alpaca sangeeta bought for me a few weeks ago.


Mary said...

Hi Susan,

I don't think we've met yet but I, too, knit with the group at B&N, so I'll see you tonight! I'm always thrilled to find/meet another local knit-blogger! :-)


lemmie said...

Hi Mary,
unfortunately, I couldn't make it but will try to go next week. I think you were at Sangeeta's yarn swap?

Looking foward to seeing you!

Amy said...

Just popping in from ISE3 to say hi! I love the eyelet scarf you're working on... need more details... yarn? pattern? It's beautiful. And your socks are too cool. Yay for you!

Mary said...

I love those socks! And i didn't know there was a knitting group at Carytown Books - maybe I'll stop by sometime! :-)

Allyson Hill said...

I am just amazed at you knitters. I'm fiddling with crochet and it is so tricky. So I'm in awe that you made two whole socks!