Saturday, November 04, 2006

Sleeve & Glove = Progress!

Ben's wrist warmers are the project du jour. I had taken a break after knitting all those little fingers on size 2 needles. I have decided to knit all other wrist warmers without fingers. Overall, I'm pleased with the way they're turning out and with the yarn. It's very nice to work with and the irregular stripes of color add interest.

I took off a day from work Wednesday to knit more on the alpaca sweater and watch Grey's Anatomy! I'm sooo hooked on this show, which is sad because it's really just a soap opera. But oh, McDreamy...Ah...Oh yes - back to knitting. One sleeve is complete and the other is in process and I'm still on 1 ball of yarn! I may end up adding to the body of the sweater if it doesn't block out enough, as it needs about an inch added in length.

The photo is a little grainy. The sweater is not really gray, but a nice warm brown. That black and white fuzzy thing in the right corner is not a permanent feature of the sweater. That's Roxy. As you can see, she thinks that everything made of yarn is a new blanket.

On a non-knitting note, take a look at these beautiful roses still blooming in my back yard as the temperature dips to 30/40 degrees! I have no idea what to do with roses over the winter so I just keep letting them grow. One of the bushes is now 8 feet tall. Any rose experts out there? Please forward ideas/advice about whether to prune now or in the spring.


Mary said...

Rose care: once real winter hits, (December/January-ish), cut each stem back to about 12 inches from the base. If possible, cut the stems just above an outward-facing leaf bud. This will force the new growth outward instead of into the middle where problems from overcrowding (black spot, etc.) can arise. In early spring, sprinkle epsom salts around the base of the roses -- this promotes new growth.

I like your kitty-cat's flickering ears. And nice job on the wrist warmers. ;-)

Anonymous said...

What beautiful roses! I can see why you are concerned! Mary's the expert but I have heard (and used them myself) that banana peels placed at the base are a goodie for them too.

Your kitty looks like Mr Ace's twin!

Love the wrist on my list!