Saturday, June 21, 2008

Weekend Fun

The last couple of weekends have been really busy! Last weekend was National Knit in Public Day at the Yarn Lounge. Anne and I were there for the entire day Saturday which was awesome. Here are some of the remains of all the food we consumed:
While at TYL, I bought several skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca dyed cotton (periwinkle 634) and started knitting the Blue Sky Fitted Tank. This is about to be frogged, however, as it doesn't even come across my chest. I have NEVER been successful knitting cotton for anything other than washcloths...*Sigh*

That same weekend, the hubby and I headed to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens for Father's Day. It was a BEAUTIFUL day!
This weekend was also pretty busy. The hubby and I made our annual trek to the Richmond Vegetarian Festival! Since we moved to Richmond 4 years ago this summer, we always make it to this food extravaganza to pig out on Thai, Indian and African vegetarian cuisine. Yum!

Yesterday I drove to Anne's to the end of school party that she hosted for the Luals, a family she tutors from Sudan. Can I just say that Anne is my hero! She's a total saint!

I also started on a new sweater yesterday. I was so bummed about the idea of frogging the cotton sweater that I decided to hold off and just start on a winter sweater instead. I am in awe of Pamela Wynne at who successfully took Elizabeth Zimmerman's February baby sweater and turned it into an adult classic! Pamela, your math rocks! I am knitting this sweater with O-Wool Classic (color: 41112, a very tomato like color that isn't conveyed in this photo) that the hubby bought me last Christmas. Although I'm loving this yarn, I'm quite certain I'll need to visit someplace like Iceland to wear this garment! - It's super thick and cozy.
And...last but not least, Bloo has a new chaise lounge - he has yet to be able to get himself up from this spot - We are required to bring his food to him now.

(notice that the side room is not finished yet - *sigh again* I'd rather knit than paint!)

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nanabear said...

Ben looks udderly ridiculous.
It that one of your new windows?