Sunday, November 30, 2008

no work = more time to knit & blog

It is amazing how much one can get done when work is out of the picture. I guess there's always that money thing, but my little hands have been knitting away without the pressures of Web sites and servers (my normal job). I've been off since Wednesday, so that means you all get 3 full days of blogging and knitted little goodies.

I was a little hesitant to post these items as they're all Christmas or birthday presents...But, they all turned out so well that I had to share. I'll post details about each piece after the holidays!


Vanessa said...

I am a bit envious. I wish I could knit (saying three time fast clicking my heels together)!

Anne said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MY SCARF!!!! You rock. I really, truly love it. Mmmmm ... so soft and fuzzy.