Friday, November 28, 2008

old friends

I finally got to see my old friend, Kristen, yesterday when she and her lovely family passed through Richmond! Kristen and I have been friends since high school; I lived briefly with her in Chicago and she lived with me in G'boro for a while. Life got away from us somehow and I had only met one of her children, Mackenzie, who is the oldest in this photo. It was a day of feeling old as I remember when Kristen brought Mackenzie home from the hospital! She's now so mature and wise (well, 11 going on 16:) It was a short visit, but I hope to go down to NC to see them again in January!

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Kristen Daukas said...

Like they say.."life is what happens when you're doing other things"! However, the sign of a true friendship is when you can go for insane amounts of time and it still feels like yesterday. We loved seeing you and can't wait til the next time!!