Monday, February 16, 2009

february knitting to-dos & 52 books update

Knitting to-do's:
1. Complete my Chunky Monkey sweater: Emerald by Amy Swenson - 50%
2. Finish sewing buttons on Landen's baby sweater - 0%
3. Send off the Leaf Lace part deux shawl - 0%
4. Start baby sweater for friend who is pregnant - 1% (bought yarn)
5. Start Clementine Summer Shawlette - 40%

52 Books Progress:

Eh....has been kinda slow since I've started on new knitting projects. I've only managed to complete 1 1/2 books. I'm going to take Renee's advice and go to the library to check out books on CD!

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Anne said...

Have a great time in NC this weekend! We'll miss you!