Saturday, April 25, 2009

fits and starts

I have been trying to go through my stash and use it up. That said, I think I've been frogging just as much as I've been knitting! Last year at the MSW festival, I bought some beautiful merino spun by the good folks at Brooks Farms in Lancaster Texas. I bought 1200 yards thinking I could get 5 sts to the inch and make a cardigan. I've started on 2 cardigans and ripped both out! I just don't seem to get gauge on this yarn. No matter what needle size I use, I end up with 6 sts to the inch. Sigh...

I also started theXOX Vest by Amy King using some Jo Sharp classic wool I acquired at Webs in Northhampton, Mass. This pattern is so cute, but the yarn I'm using just doesn't fit. I've started over twice. I'm not ready to rip this one out yet, but really, will I wear it?

So, I'm now stuck, wondering what to do with 1200 yards of Brooks Farm and ~1000 yards of Jo Sharp. Maybe I just move on to something else and come back to this?

Happy weekend knitting!

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Celestial said...

Every once in a while when I'm stuck on a yarn I'll look it up on Ravelry and scour through the projects other people have made with it. Sometimes it brings a pattern/yarn combo to light that I never would have imagined. Or it will point out that it needs to be something completely different than I imagined.