Thursday, April 09, 2009

hoot! hoot!

So, it's not quite done but close so I thought I'd post my new owl sweater! Isn't it fun!

I still need to sew up the arms and I have a mistake right at the breast level that I need to fix somehow - It's the wraps - I did them incorrectly and now have a hole :( Ideas are welcome about how to fix that hole as those owls are not coming out!

Pattern: Owls by Kate Davies - Ravel It.
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky
Size: 38

I'll post some shots wearing it soon :)


TheYarnLounge said...

Don't your just love it?!?!?! Bring it in and we can figure something out with the holes.

Celestial said...

Oh love love love.

Is the problem the purl looking stitch under the owl in the bottom shot?

I've recently read an easy way to fix if you don't want to drop stitches or rip it. Cut next to or into problem stitch, with a needle pull out a couple stitches on either side, and with new yarn sew back stitches into place and weave in all ends.

Laura said...

Oh, the owls! I love that sweater.

Donna said...

This is so darn cute! Yay!

Anne said...

SuzieQ - This is absolutely gorgeous!!

Ben said... :D