Wednesday, May 27, 2009

now you see it, now you don't

I've been ripping out more than I've been knitting lately. Here's the latest victim of frogging. Why I thought that thin cotton would look good in a skirt, I'm not quite sure. I tried it on last night and it looks just a wee bit tight on the bum (that's an understatement). Guess I should have figured that out before I got so far. That's a lot of sts folks! I think this yarn just doesn't want to be anything but a shawl, which is what it will be wrangled into next!


Celestial said...

Sorry to hear that. You could always put slits in the side, but that still involves ripping.

Anne said...

Are you sure a nice pair of Spanx can't fix that? It looks like a BEAUTIFUL skirt!!

Marian and Matt said...

how do you feel about next weekend for a get together?