Wednesday, June 03, 2009

what i'm thinking about

  • I have completed 90% of the XO vest I started a few weeks ago. I'm trying to talk myself into finishing the rest, but frankly, I really don't want to! I'm not enjoying it and really just want to start on a new shawl for the summer. Is it ok to not finish a sweater that's 90% of the way there?
  • NC is on my mind today; the hubby and I are still considering moving back. I'm not sure what I'd do there, but the Phd program might be an option...I just wouldn't want school to get in the way of knitting :)
  • Peppercorn Ranch Sun Chips are mighty tasty...
  • I can't wait to get home today to start on a new knitting project (that is, if I can forgive myself for not finishing that vest I mentioned in bullet point 1!)


Anne said...

First point: YES.
Second point: Don't you dare. :) (Although someone should write a song like that ... it should go "going to Carolina in my mind" or something... don't you think?)
Third point: So are the salsa ones. Delish.
Fourth point: You're a nut.

Thanks! I LOVE lists.

Celestial said...

xo vest - Personally I'd push through. I often find that I work faster when I'm about to finish something. But I would only do that if you know you'll like the finished product. If not I'm sure you will have wished you could have been working on a new fresh project.

Mmh, sun chips. That just reminded me that I have strawberries with me! Thanks.

Say HI to your hubby for me.