Tuesday, August 15, 2006

almost complete!

i'm almost finished with the baby cardi from knitting pure & simple. sangeeta helped sew up the hood saturday so i'm in the homestretch. only buttons (where you see the pins) and little crochet ties to go. this has been a good project for learning gauge. i picked out some inexpensive cotton and wow - this turned into a 1 year old sweater from an infant pattern! still looks cute though...


Sangeeta said...

i am going to get some of that stuff....but it's $4.39 online at Jo-Ann...so I'll get some at Michaels...but not right now...I have enough yarn.

the sweetheart said...

Is that different yarn than you started with?? It's so cute.

Sorry i didn't make it out to Panera that Wednesday but i got into a car accident while on my way there... long story short, i haven't knitted in the presence of other knitters in a while but i have a new car

I WILL be at Panera next week though, cross my heart!