Sunday, August 20, 2006

sunday knitting & new alpaca!

sangeeta came over sunday to knit, drink coffee and chat. she brought me new yarn that she bought in northern virginia! i love it - it's chunky misty alpaca in a beautiful soft white. thank you!! i'm going to try and knit some of it up tonight - i'll probably make it into a new scrarf pour moi.

in between our eating :O), she worked on this adorable new baby sweater (it's so tiny!). she also helped me figure out the gauge for a vest. i'm so excited - i'm going to make the rib vest (well, it supposed to be fair isle too but i'm going to knit it with one color) out of vogue knitting, fall 2005.

on other notes, i spent much of the weekend trying to make some noticable progress on my eyelet lace scarf. will this thing ever end?! i love it but have been working on it for 6 months. i'm hoping it will be a nice christmas present for myself. at the rate i'm going, it'll take that long...

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