Monday, August 28, 2006

really good weekend

this past weekend i travelled to nashville, tn to see my aunt, uncle & cousin. my cousin brought his wife, debra, and children, annabel (7) and phoebe (11). they are awesome kids - they're both into sewing so we had a sew/knit session. phoebe also knows how to knit. she wanted to learn how to make mittens so i taught her to knit on dp's. wow is she a fast learner. she watched me once and got the hang of it! before i knew it, she was cruising along and had the cuff completed. unfortunately, i had to leave before i could show her all the different sts for the mitten; she's going to email me for knitting instructions.

they both live in nyc - brooklyn to be exact. they are so hip. annabel showed me her gaming device (can't remember the name of it) and said she would soon have email too. they both know so much more than i did at that age...

because they're so into knitting, i've decided to make them hats and also send them some funky yarn. i'll have to comb tyl for some yarn at knit night tomorrow night (how unfortunate :D).

they both loved the yarn i was using to make these socks. it's something i picked up from a yarn swap - it's called crazy cotton and is wonderful to work with. the socks knit up really fast (even on 1's). i did most of this on the plane to nashville by way of chicago. i think i made them a tad big but i still like them.

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