Friday, March 23, 2007

Catching Up

Photos from the latest finished objects and other things!

The GGH eyelet scarf!

New ball winder courtesy of the hubby

Noro Iroha Capelet from Wrap Style

Finally, yarn! Sea Silk, some homespun from Ireland and the wool for the hubby's sweater


Mary said...

You've even got hubby winding the yarn. Does he have a brother? ;-)

Love the scarf and capelet. And that Irish yarn. Yum.

brandy said...

I got my ball winder and swift the same way, hubbies/fiances are so great for guiltless yarn related purchases!

I'm pretty sure the Wed. Panera group still gets together, I think Mary went a couple weeks ago... I'll probably go to that sometime in the next couple weeks since I can't make it to the Yarn Lounge for knit night this month :(

Renee said...

The scarf is gorgeous! I havent had a finished project in a long time...sigh. But I just started getting out once a week to a knitting group that some of the girls in Pete's section at school have. Its heavenly "me" time.