Monday, March 19, 2007

thank you

Thank you to everyone who emailed or posted a sympathy note. Hugs to you all! I appreciate your kind words! It was a tough week, but we're getting through it. Roxy left us some really good karma :)

I have been knitting up a storm which has been very comforting. I'm nearly done with the body of Ben's plain ole sts sweater. Yay! And, I'm starting on another capelet (haven't even shown you all the one I completed out of Noro!) from the Wrap Style book. I also want to make the Dog's Steal Yarn Traveling Vines Scarf out of the gorgeous Handmaiden Sea Silk I purchased a couple of weeks ago. Wow is this a beautiful yarn! I'll post pix when I get home.


Mary said...

I have a couple hanks of Sea Silk -- still not sure what it will be come, so it's just marinating in the stash, for now. Look forward to seeing how your scarf turns out.

Mary said...

Hey, Susan -- I've only been to one of those excursions, (the Knitters Review retreat), but I keep them in my sidebar as inspiration, because I love the idea of knitting-related travel. I definitely want to do one of them -- just can't make up my mind which one.