Saturday, April 07, 2007

I Lied

I'm sympathetic to those poor gardeners in the Midwest and Northeast right now.

I'm not planting today because it's freakin' snowing here! This is probably the first time in my life that I'm not excited about snow. Instead, I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut-off trying to find sheets to cover up my plants. My poor 9' rose was covered in snow when I awoke this morning. All of its arms were bent to the ground! I'm not sure if I can save it now, but I'm going to try. I covered the tomato plants and peony last night. I didn't cover the roses unfortunately. The temperature dipped to 32 last night, which may not kill the roses and hydrangea. However, it's going to be 28 tonight! so I'd better try to cover them. Does anyone know how I should cover a 9' rose?

Urgh! This is not the weekend I was expecting. I guess Ms. Mother Nature is punishing us for something!

Note: Just added because I had to write it down - has nothing to do with plants or knitting. You won't believe what a staffer had the nerve to say to me yesterday. I was moving my office as we recently had someone leave and I wanted to move to a quieter, bigger office. So...I'm moving my things and this guy comes over and tells me that he was planning on moving my things for me because I am a woman! I said, 'I'm perfectly capable of moving my own things thank you.' He said, " Oh, you women who believe in 'women's lib'!" Can you believe it?! I wanted to smack him right then and there. Instead, I didn't even respond to this ridiculous, asinine statement. What century are we living in? What state am I living in is probably the real question!?

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Mary said...

I was going to do some planting today as well, but the snow changed my mind. Aw, shucks -- staying indoors and knitting -- boo hoo!

I wasn't really excited about the snow, either -- more annoyed, really. Another reason I've switched hobbies. Knitting is not so weather-dependent.

Considering I live alone and have to carry and move EVERYTHING myself, I would have laughed in that guy's face, at his assuming I was helpless, but then I would have taken him up on the help. Hey - beggars can't be choosers! ;-)