Friday, April 06, 2007


I'm planting this weekend snow or no snow!

You'll have to use your imagination on this post since I'm sans camera, but I bought some really awesome plants this past weekend! This happens every year to me. I tell myself that I have enough plants in the perennial bed, yet every year I get talked into going to the garden center and buying more. Purchasing flowers and plants is as addictive as buying yarn. I think I need to invest in Lowes and Home Depot stock. At least I could feel a little better about spending so much money there. Alas.

Last Sunday I was fully prepared to work on the class all day, but my friend Julie called and wanted to do brunch and a plant excursion. Of course I had to go. Julie and I had a scrumptious brunch at Avenue 805 before heading out to Stranges, a local garden center. The top of the menu at Avenue 805 was a great preview to our day: 'Overweight white woman wins the Monument Avenue 10K.' Not that we're overweight or anything, but we were definitely not running the 10K Sunday morning. After a yummy brunch, we started out on our day of leisure.

At Stranges, I found a lovely thyme that smells like caraway. The English thyme was really nice as well and I bought a couple of plants to replace some really old thyme in my garden (I didn't realize thyme dies out?). Other purchases included some ground covers and a few more lavender plants (you can never have enough lavender, right?). Needless to say, this weekend will be busy. Not only do I have these new babies to plant, but I recently bought a lady banks rose that has already started blooming in the pot. And, I have 2 kiwi vines (didn't know those would grow in Virginia either) that need a home in the vegetable garden. So...snow or no snow, I will be knitting and gardening this Easter!

Happy Easter everyone.

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Aikidoka Ben said...

I beg your pardon. Those are my kiwis.