Monday, October 22, 2007

Did You Know?

The conference is good although I'm a bit "socialized-out" at this point. Conferences are difficult for introverts! I have met some really awesome people. It seems like the Northeast chapter of ASIST is very active. Too bad I don't live closer as they're a great group of people! SIG-Knit meets tonight which I'm expecting to be a blast. I'm also going to take a lunch and go to the Milwaukee museum .

In yesterday's plenary session, the following video was shown. I'm not sure who originally created the slides and/or the validity of the stats; however, it is very thought provoking. Enjoy,


Mary said...

Very interesting.

nanabear said...

Whoa! Can we assume that these stats are correct? Pretty amazing. I sent it on to Lynn. He'll be interested in the part about the fiber optic - optic fiber, whatever. Since the stuff is probably going to put satellite communication out of business.