Friday, October 19, 2007

Mixing Work and Knitting

Will Fall ever arrive? It's 80 degrees outside! I had hopes that my upcoming trip to Wisconsin would bring me some nice cold temperatures; however, as I looked up the Milwaukee weather today, I was surprised to find that it doesn't differ much from Richmond! Ok so it's a little cooler there, but I was expecting some hardcore 30 degree snow-filled days. Alas.

I am really excited about the trip despite no hopes of snow :). Although I'm thrilled to be traveling to a new city (have not been to Milwaukee yet) and attending ASIST for the first time, I am even more ecstatic about finding out that fellow knitters will be there. Last night I checked the conference wiki for Social Events, as there are quite a few SIGs (Special Interest Groups) that I want to investigate. The most curious is the SIG-KNIT group. Of course it's not an "official" SIG, but I was delighted to discover that I'm not the only person who wants to knit during conferences/meetings/events, etc.!

Milwaukee looks to be a great town all around so I'll be sure to post photos during the week. Hopefully, I can find a knitting shop in walking distance of the hotel!

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