Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cozy Wrist Warmers

Pattern: Joelle Hoverson Wrist Warmers from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Also available for free at Canadian Living.

Yarn: ArtFibers Kantuta 100% super baby alpaca / 94 yds, 50 grams. 1 Skein

Time: 2 days

Notes: I love, love, love this yarn. The hubby bought this in San Francisco. If you're ever there, check out ArtFibers. They make the most glorious yarns - all natural fibers.

I changed the pattern a bit and put in an extra repeat. I also knitted these on double points instead of the 8" circs, which would have driven me crazy. Because of the double pointed needles, I got a bit of stretch near the thumb opening. You'll see it in the photo, however, it's difficult to see while you're wearing these yummy warmers.

1 comment:

Celeste said...

Super cute! Since it's recently been in the low 70's I can't even fathom making something like this...but before I know it MN will be chilly again.