Sunday, September 21, 2008

two finished objects

This past weekend was awesome and at the same time, REALLY bizarre. I'm still in disbelief that KKidd, Anne, Leslie & I met Madeline Albright at Besty's in Richmond, VA on Saturday. What a treat! She's such an awesome lady. The best part of our chance encounter was that we spent the morning dressing KKidd up to look just like Sarah Palin! For a sneak preview of KKidd as Sarah posing with Madeline Albright see Mah BLAWG. There's more to come on this as I have tons of pixs outlining the transformation of KKidd into Sarah Palin...Freaky and fun!!

Despite my bizarre weekend, I did manage to do a little bit of knitting. I also finally downloaded pictures of recent finished objects...Enjoy!

1. Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono from MDixon Knitting in Lion Brand Cotton Ease. I made this for a baby shower last weekend. Isn't it cute??!

Although I need buttons for the Feb. Lady Sweater, I still struted my stuff in the cool weather this weekend. I LOVE this sweater!

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Sangeeta said...

Madeline Albright the former Secretary of State?? THAT Madeline Albright?