Wednesday, January 21, 2009

4 things for today.

1 - Please send me some good knitting vibes! Since I've been back from vacation, I've lost my knitting vibe. I have started on many projects, but none have really worked out. As you're working on projects, send me some good knitting thoughts - I promise to return the favor whenever you need it! :)

2 - I need to learn how to create my own patterns. I'm struggling with a free pattern right now that is full of mistakes. I'm hanging in there - maybe good knitting thoughts will help out here too :)

3 - I'm questioning my career decisions today and am wondering how much money I need to start an alpaca farm.

4 - My husband is wonderful and I don't tell him that enough. He also is a great cook and has made me some incredible dishes the past few nights - Cuban Pork Samis, Moussaka, and baked chicken.


Anne said...

Ummm, YOU? Needing inspiration to knit?

Did Hell just get a bit chilly?

Renee said...

Forget the alpaca farm -- come with me to Chicago (or wherever we end up after) and open up a yarn shop! We'd be good at it, I think :)

Kim M said...

*good knitting vibes* currently working on Riding to Avalon in time for my bday (week from today).

Celestial said...

(focusing good thoughts)

Three things that help get me into a groove:

1 - squeeze & pet some wonderful yarn (doesn't even have to be yours!)

2 - reward myself with something (Chai and Starbucks mini vanilla scones for me) while working on the project that is sucking the life out of me.

3 - work on something completely different. I'll pull out sewing or organize/re-organize something.

Above all - enjoy what you're doing. Making it work isn't all that fun.