Saturday, January 17, 2009

7 degrees??

The past few years the hubby and I have been talking about moving to Minneapolis. I've never been there (he has), but it seems like such a forward-thinking, fun city. It's currently 7 degrees in Richmond with a wind chill below zero and I'm thinking, 'it's this cold in Minneapolis every day during the winter which is insane.' I guess I can't shiver too much because Richmond will get up to 43 degrees tomorrow for the high. Nevertheless, the whole thing has got me thinking that maybe I'm just a southern girl at heart. I always talk about loving cold weather (really because I get to sit indoors and knit), but this is FREEZING! Richmond is looking better every day. You all up north should get a chuckle he he :)


Celestial said...

The weather in MN this last week was the coldest in about 12 years. Yes it's cold, but this has been a little extreme.

Some friends and I were cheering that it got up to 20 degrees today. So so sad.

But you should definitely come visit some time.

Anne said...

Atta girl - stick down south with us. I know you'll change your mind again in the Summmer, but for now I'll enjoy us being of like mind!

kaydeemama said...

Dare I even tell you it's been in the high 60s (and even low 70s) the past two weeks here in Sacramento. We do freeze at night, though, when it hits the high 30s. :-0

I will never give up trying to get you and Ben to head West!