Thursday, December 28, 2006

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

I've downloaded the majority of Prague Christmas photos. There are still a few that are on another card. None are labeled yet. If you aren't completely bored after the first few photos and came make it through 600 snapshots of medieval architecture, you'll find some familar sites from guidebooks (Prague castle in the distance, the Charles bridge).

This one is specifically for Sangeeta.

ARRRH!!! Correction- I can only share 250 photos through Shutterfly. Contact me via email and I'll give you my Shutterfly login if you're interested in seeing all!


Sangeeta said...

I'm so glad you were able to run into my future husband is Prague! He looks good on every continent!

Jenny said...

Nice pictures! i see Prague is one of the five most visited places in the European Union during Christmas. While Prague citizens were in a hurry to buy some Christmas presents when they can, tourists staying in various Prague accommodation came to the city to relax and that´s why they mostly enjoyed the Christmas events in Prague more. For one thing, part of the attraction of a Czech Christmas is that some of the clich├ęs pictured on Christmas cards actually do bear a resemblance to reality. Snow is a possibility, and even at the rather fake Olde Worlde market in Old Town Square, the heart of Prague's tourist mayhem, the scene is enough to make even the most heartless cynic get a little sentimental.