Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Does this look like the face of a growling bully? Well, it's true. The hubby & I have spoiled Bloo so much that he now hates all other humans and animals. As we prepared our trip to NC to see old friends and attend Nancy's memorial, we decided to leave Bloo at the Holiday Barn. He deserved a vacation, right? You would think that he would love this place - they have windows and personal fish tanks in all of the kitty condos. We even bought him extra snuggle time. I'm not sure how he behaved over the weekend, as he didn't get the usual report card for good behavior, but he did learn some new techniques. For example, he has a new meow that sounds like nails on a chalkboard, and he now growls. Yes, he growls, but not at us thank goodness. He made it very clear last night and this morning that he was not happy about our weekend away. He's been a very bad kitty. Last night he woke us up at 1am, 1:30am and 2am. I finally got the good sense to lock him in "his" room so we could get some sleep. This morning, I opened the back door to put the trash out and Mr. Bloo ran out past me and started chasing, growling and hissing at a cat that happened to be (much to his misfortune) in the yard at the time. Who raised this type of bully I ask?! He chased that poor cat out of the yard and all the way down the back alley. I guess Bloo's behavior has ensured that he remains an only child. Oh, Mr. Bloo, what will I do with you?


Celestial said...

The hubby and I have two cats, one is super friendly and the other very skitter-ish and attached to me. The latter actually growls at the door when someone knocks on it or rings the doorbell. She especially doesn't like people much older than us, but people our age are just fine. Go figure.

Aikidoka Ben said...
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