Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nancy Cooper

By now it's all over the media - the worst has happened. Nancy has been killed in the seemingly safe community of Cary, NC. I've been hesitant to post as what is there to say but that we're utterly shocked and heartbroken for the family & friends - My heart goes to our friends in Cary and to Nancy's family and her beautiful little ones - May you rest in peace, Nancy. We have fond memories of you...


Update: I forwarded to friends in the Triangle to pass the information along.
It looks like the map has been added to the blog below to outline search efforts.
NBC17 news story

My friend in Cary, NC forwarded this to me this morning about a wonderful woman that Ben and I know who is missing. She went for a jog in her neighborhood and has not returned. Although I know I don't live in the area any more, I'm posting in case anyone sees it and knows where Nancy may be. Our thoughts are prayers are with you Nanner.

Susan + Ben


Anne said...

Susan, we are all thinking of you and watching this story closely. Our thoughts and minds are with you and everyone who is close to Nancy right now. Please take care of yourself, and think positive thoughts!

Kristen said...

Susan, you and your friend Nancy and her friends and family are in our thoughts. Please take care of yourself.

Courtney and Kristen