Monday, July 07, 2008

Knitting Attention Deficit Disorder

I've been waiting to post in order to have some cool project to show off. I'm on a pseudo vacation this week (I take vacations to prepare for interviews & upcoming talks at conferences - how sad is that!) and thought I'd get a bunch of knitting done. Instead, I'm starting a ton of projects and wondering how I will finish them all!

I'm typically the type of knitter who works on one project at a time. I've always been surprised by this, as I don't exhibit this behavior in any other part of my life (the hubby cringes when I say 'Let's repaint this room again! It will just take a weekend!'). So...long story to say that I'm a little baffled by the fact that I'm starting all of these projects. I've decided to embrace the chaos however, and see where it takes me:

Project 1: February Lady's Sweater
See this post for details.
I'm not happy with this yarn. I want to be happy with it. The color is gorgeous. The yarn is organic wool. What's not to like? It is tearing up my hands and actually making my shoulder hurt to knit. Maybe this isn't the right choice for this sweater? Does this yarn get any softer the more you use it? Please advise if anyone has used O-Wool Classic and not had their hands bleed! (Sorry O-Wool - I typically love your yarn!)

Project 2: Dinosaurs
The hubby requested Trice - How could I say no?
I'm making this out of Blue Sky Organic Cotton leftovers

Project 3: Tangled Yoke Cardigan
I LOVE the yarn I'm using for this cardi. When you get a chance, go online and buy Brooks Farm Solo Yarn. You'll be amazed at how beautiful and soft it is. See this post for a pix.

Project 4: Manly Scarf
I'm using Malabrigo for this wintry scarf for the hubby.

Project 5: Secret Special Gift - See this post for details.


Anne said...

Wow! OK, once again, you have outdone me. However: I finished the scarf this weekend! You know the one... it started circa 2006? :) I thought you'd be happy to learn that it's DONE.

I also finished (i.e. abbreviated) two other knitting projects. If I can finish one last black scarf, my needles will be freed to go use that Yarn Lounge gift card on some yummy malbrigo - remember, I'm a malbrigo virgin! :)

I tried to tackle the $400 green shirt again this weekend, too, but just couldn't do it. I will, though, I WILL FINISH THAT SHIRT!!

Best of luck this week - I'll be thinking of you!

wendy said...

Sorry to hear about your o-wool woes. This organic yarn hasn't been treated with chemicals, because of organic regulatory restrictions, and thus it has not been treated with fabric softeners. This obviously has its pros and cons. However, we have found that a simple washing with water or better yet Eucalan No-Rinse Woolwash has nearly miraculous results! It renders the wool into a scrumptious non-itch fiber. It is luscious merino after all. You may still have to go to Iceland to wear the sweater, but you can wear it buck naked! Also, if you would rather work with a lighter weight, the 2-ply version is half the thickness, and available in the same color, which we call Rust. (# 4112)

Try washing a swatch to strengthen your faith. Happy Sheep and Happy Knitting make the world a better place!