Sunday, July 27, 2008

decisions, decisions

Traveling has always been exciting for me. My dad took me on my first big trip to Mexico City when I was about 7 - I've been hooked on traveling since then. The only bad thing about traveling these days is figuring out what knitting to bring with me! Do I need a second suitcase for my knitting projects? Will I need to bring all my needles in case I buy new yarn (assuming I find a yarn store nearby)? What will I knit on the plane for 5 hours? What is easy to pull out and knit in the airport? Ack! Decisions!

I'm off to a conference next week across the country - Here are the projects under consideration:

1. My So Called Scarf - for the hubby
I heart Malabrigo! Easy to carry on the plane. I'll get bored with this after a few hours on the plane though...Could work for conference sessions.

2. Tangled Yoke Cardi - for me
Had to rip out and will need to start over
Easy to carry on the plane. Complicated pattern. Could keep me busy on the plane, but would be too complex to knit at a conference session.

3. February Ladies Sweater (see this post)
If I take this I need to pull out the rows where I messed up - I'm not sure if I'm up for that today.

4. Swallowtail - Love this yarn! Could be good for the hotel room or the plane. Wouldn't work for dinner or conference sessions.

While I make my decisions, I think I'll have a bite of this AWESOME zucchini bread the hubby made yesterday for us and our friends. We have so much zucchini right now in the garden that we ate this bread as well as fried zucchini last night for dinner. Is there such a thing as zucchini poisoning? :D


Anne said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the zucchini bread! You guys are the BEST. I had a wonderful time last night, and I hope you had a safe flight to California this morning. I really love that scarf you are knitting for hubby, although I think it may be a little to difficult for me at this time. Maybe by 2010? :)

Anne said...

OK, OK ... I felt a little guilty about eating the SECOND loaf all by myself, so I did take it to the Luals. I told Deng and Duk secretly that it was REALLY for them because they were Susan's favorites, but they should share anyway. Deng grinned. Big.