Thursday, July 24, 2008


Since our trip to Cary last weekend, I've been trying to keep a "normal" schedule. I get up and fix coffee and breakfast, take a shower and get dressed for work. I work until 5pm and then come home and fix dinner for the hubby (or more often than not, he fixes it for me). Despite this attempt at normalcy, Nancy is never far from my mind. Even if I had not met her during our time in Cary, it would be difficult to not get attached to her through the media frenzy. I hate the media and at the same time I'm using it to give me some connection to a former life. The hubby and I can't stop remembering our previous life in Cary. It's all so different now.

While we obsess over these difficult parts of the day/week, life marches on. No where is that more apparent than in our veggie garden. The garden is at that point where everything is ready to eat. Our neighbors will be happy as I'm certain zucchini bread is coming their way.

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